• 2020-02-10
    Masaさんのレビュー / Masa님의 리뷰
  • 2019-12-31
    호텔소울즈 정식 출시!
  • 2019-02-02
    사운드트랙 DLC 출시!

    separator You are a pharmacologist. While looking at a newspaper published a century ago for a new study, You read an article that a mysterious stone was found in "Sowls" region. It is said that the stone makes small sound with light and feels like talking to a person who holding the stone in the hand. You thought it was clear that the stone is a rare and valuable pharmaceutical ingredient From that day, you wander through all kinds of places looking for the stone.

    You managed to get a valuable and mysterious stone after a hard journey. You decided to take a break at the Hotel Sowls. But the next morning, someone in the hotel stole the stone!

    Who in the hotel took the stone? for what purpose? Can you find a stone in this strange and mysterious hotel and find out the secret of the hotel? If you can't...? Various endings are waiting for you.